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We're a mixed bunch. Some of us like meeting new people. Some of us are shy and antisocial and tend to crawl into our shells. If you like us though, chances are we'll like you. Our rush process works basically as follows[1]. Unlike most Greek houses at Dartmouth, we have rolling rush, meaning we have no constraints on when you rush. (though rushing in the middle of interim might mean a delayed response!) Additionally, while many Greek houses primarily recruit Sophomores, we welcome any Dartmouth students, and it's not uncommon for someone to join as a senior. If you are eligible to rush based on college standards, you can sign our rush book at any time without needing to wait for an organized rush event.
Here's how a standard joining goes:

  • You hang out with us, like us, and get to know us
  • You sign the rush book after you are eligible
  • We deliberate, typically at the first Wednesday meetings following your signing
  • We vote on you and give you one of 4 answers
    • Accepted - You are given a bid that's almost completely binding on us but not at all on you. If you choose to sink it, you will become a member.
    • Deferred - We don't know you well enough, come hang out more! We'll halt the vote until we know you better.
    • Grey Zone - We're not sure. Come hang out more! You'll need to rush again to be reconsidered.
    • Rejected - This doesn't happen often. You're still welcome to hang out, but you must be on campus for 2 terms before rushing again.
  • Once you have a bid, you become a brother when you leave your bid at the house. We've had people walk up to a brother and hand it to them, and someone who hid their bid in a donated painting for months. There is no right way to sink! Scavenger hunts, baking/hiding the bid in food, and puzzles are all common ways to sink a bid!
  • Upon joining, you will be a full member of Phi Tau, will full voting priviliges!

If you think you might be interested in Phi Tau, we'd love to meet you. Stop by for one of our events and always feel free to contact us

The text on this page is intended to be a guideline. It does not necessarily convey the complete or specific rules of the House at this time.