Upcoming Events

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Weekly Events

The house generally runs events on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Times and themes may change, so join our announcements list to know when and what to expect.
  • TNT (Thursday Night Tavern)

    A generally low-key event ranging from pong to fireside cuddling to cupcake decorating.
  • Friday FLIX

    Double feature movie-showings in our tube room.
  • Bucket

    Our Saturday event. Dance parties to pong paddle painting.
  • S.E.X. (Sunday Evening eXtravaganza)

    Our most relaxed event. 10PM on Sunday, every Sunday, come join us for ice cream, delicious toppings, and good company.

Termly Events

  • Milk and Cookies

    Bake cookies, eat cookies, and drink delicious milkshakes made with our secret recipe! What more need be said?
  • Caffeine

    Every term, right before exams, we provide you with the caffeine and snacks that may be necessary to fuel your studying and paper writing.
  • Kicked-up Milkshakes

    An up-and-coming event. Milkshakes! All kinds of flavors. And for those who are 21+, we can throw in a little extra kick!

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