Upcoming Events

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Phi Tau is a local gender-inclusive fraternity at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, NH.

History and Goals

By "gender-inclusive," we mean that everyone, regardless of sex or gender, is encouraged to join the house, unlike single-sex fraternities. Our motto is "Unitas in Diversitate" ("Unity in Diversity"), and the mythical personification of our house/spirit is called Katherine Fightow. We welcome all genders and all sorts of people, which we like to think makes for a very interesting house.

Phi Tau was originally the Tau chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, a national fraternity. We split from this organization in 1956, and since that time we have tried to be a beacon of inclusion and unity on campus.

What We're Like

There is no one mold to which all Phi Taus fit. The prevailing interests in the house change dramatically from year to year, but the following is a current (incomplete) sampling of some of the things our members do

  • Cooking
  • Computer Science/Programming
  • Cabin and Trail (C&T)/Hiking
  • Video games
  • Tabletop RPG games
  • Medieval Enthusiasts at Dartmouth
  • And many more. . .
In general, we're just a nerdy bunch trying to have a good time!

The House

We have a nice house (one of the newer ones on campus), and we try to take good care of it. We pride ourselves on having a basement that people can go barefoot in. We clean the house weekly and do a massive cleaning overhaul once a term

If you are interested in Phi Tau, come meet us! Drop by during any of our events and hang out!